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Sugarland Martial Arts Health and Fitness Classes

Sugar Land Academy offers a wide variety of Health and Fitness training in Adult Martial Arts, Teen Martial Arts, Youth Martial Arts, Kids Martial Arts and more!

Martial Arts Fitness for Adults

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to burn some calories and get in shape? Read more about our Sugarland Adult Martial Arts Classes. We are adding a new dimension to Adult Exercise in Sugar Land Texas!

Teen and Kids Athletics

Are your kids spending too much time in front of the computer or TV? Hey kids... get up and get moving! At Tiger-Rock Sugar Land TX we have an exciting fitness program for Kids & Teens. Our Martial Arts Classes teach you TaeKwonDo, Karate, and other awesome skills! Read More about our Junior Martial Arts Athletics Program and our Kids Martial Arts Athletics Program!

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Enjoy an Exciting Martial Arts Workout

If you are looking for the most incredible fat burning, muscle toning, cardio conditioning workout on the planet, look no further than martial arts. By attending regular martial arts classes you will not only learn the basics of self defense, but you will get into the best shape of your life. So, toss out your old, boring exercise routines and get involved in an exciting martial arts workout today.

A Strong, Healthy Body Is Waiting For YOU!

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A History of Karate

Karate is a defensive martial art form which focuses on open-handed counterattacking and shielding. The shielded theme of the art extends in a way to its murky history; those who developed it did so in utmost secrecy, terrified of the repercussions should their actions be found out by their tyrannical government. Due to this necessitated discretion, not everything about Karate's origins is known, and some aspects of its past have been constructed over the years more ...

Martial Arts in Sugarland Building Confidence & Eliminate Bullying

As the world changes into a more aggressive and violent place, kids frequently act out against other children and their primary targets are the kids that are seen as a bit passive and vulnerable. It's important for parents to realize they won't remain by their children's side on a constant basis. Self Defense and Martial Arts lessons are a excellent method for moms and dads to better prepare their child to manage conflict.

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Sugarland Martial Arts, the Perfect After School Activity

Hey Parents!... Looking for a new After School Program for your child?  After school hours are peak time for your child to learn and grow.  Afterschool programs are a positive alternative to your child sitting on the couch or troublemaking.

Sugar Land Texas Tiger-Rock Martial Arts offers quality after school activities in Martial Arts and TaekwondoContact us today!


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I joined TKD to share an activity with my husband and children. Thanks to TKD my self esteem went up and I can learn how to defend myself while I'm exercising and keeping fit.
Eva Fernandez
Sugar Land, TX
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